How To Pick And Buy Basketball Shoes

An investigation about basketball shoes consumption is provided by Chinese consumer organization a short time ago. The results showed that only 14.6% responders attach importance to basketball shoes’ function, 48.5% consumers haven’t attach importance to prevention performance that the basketball shoes give in the sport, 50.1% consumers wear the same pair of basketball shoes in various sports. 50% consumers are feet sweat, feet smelly, beriberi and etc.. So some advices are issued by the Chinese consumption association, many responders need methodical methods to choose and buy the shoes.

At present, no matter be joint in fitness sports, leisure sports or professional sports exercise, sports shoes are more and more popular among the responders. Most of the respondents are the College students, middle school students and some on-the-job personnel in Beijing. A lot of people prefer to wear basketball shoes, but more than 70% responders attach importance to the colors, styles and brands, just 14.6% responders focus on the performance when they buy the basketball shoes. Among them, 61.1%, 45.7%, 50.5% consumers take notice of the function about stop slipping, shock absorption and wrest resistant.

The lack of related consumption common sense about basketball shoes is also reflected in this investigation. For example, simply 45.5% consumers know the basketball shoes should have a good performance of stop slipping. In addition, different sports need different professional sports shoes, but more than 50.1% responders are often wears the same pair of basketball in different sports.

This survey showed another outstanding problem that is 50.1% consumers are feet sweat, stinking feet and beriberi. Scores of responders say that his own feet is smelled, it caused terrible psychological burden to the consumers. The poor breathability cause these diseases of feet, but more than 54.8% responders don’t notice this common sense. Most of bacteria will be brought out by the high temperature and high wet. About a quarter of responders don’t attach importance to the breathability when they choose and buy basketball shoes.

A number of performances of basketball shoes are be hoped by numerous people. Nearly 53.4% responders want to strengthen the breathability and antibacterial deodorant properties. The shock absorption function is needed by almost 50.3% consumers. 43.2% responders hope to strengthen the wrest resistant function.

Basketball shoes are different from common sneakers, this investigation reflects a problem, that is a number of consumers do not know the differences between basketball shoes and common sneakers. So some valuable suggestions are issued by the Chinese consumers organization. Firstly, funtions are more importance than colors, styles and brands when you choose and buy basketball shoes. Following, grasp the knowledge about basketball shoes consumption. Third, a good habit of wearing shoed is also very important. You should change the basketball shoes and socks as often as possible to keep the inside clean and dry.

You should wear sport socks to try when choose and buy basketball shoes. Give a little space between the toes and the shoes to keep the feet dry or the feet will be injured. The joint of the soles and vamp should be attached importance apart from the appearance. In general, the color of the glue is white or transparent, you can’t buy it if the color is yellow or other colors.

There is a high-quality basketball shoe, that is Kobe shoe. Excellent performance and breathability can be found on this shoes and the most perfect one is his prevention for the injuries in sports.